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Aprilia Marittima, Capo Nord, apartments, villas and marinas

Aprilia Marittima, a splendid location situated between the fascinating cities of Venice and Trieste, is a gem nestled in the enchanting Marano Lagoon. This charming corner of Italy is located a short distance from the renowned international beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro, offering an idyllic setting and a relaxing atmosphere for all who visit.

Immersed in a unique and enviable position, Aprilia Marittima shines as the largest nautical complex in Europe, with its three beautifully equipped marinas that welcome yachts, sailboats, and motorboats of all kinds. Here, visitors can enjoy every imaginable comfort, thanks to a wide range of services dedicated to boaters. The technical assistance facilities and repair options are state-of-the-art, ensuring that sailors can spend their time at sea without worries or mishaps.

Aprilia Marittima is the ideal starting point for breathtaking adventures on the water. With calm and safe waters, the Marano Lagoon offers a unique environment to explore its numerous islands and get lost in landscapes of rare beauty. Breathtaking views and the richness of marine life will frame memorable boat excursions.

But Aprilia Marittima is not just synonymous with navigation and water activities. For those who desire a break from the maritime life, this place offers a wide variety of entertainment options. For sports enthusiasts, there are refreshing swimming pools where one can relax and enjoy the summer sun. Tennis courts are perfect for challenging and exciting matches, while golfers can improve their swing and enjoy a game on a golf course located just 2 kilometers from Aprilia Marittima.

The pristine beauty of the surrounding nature offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities, such as excursions and nature walks. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local flora and fauna, exploring nature reserves and picturesque landscapes that provide a sense of peace and serenity.

Aprilia Marittima is a place where you can truly find everything you desire. Whether you’re passionate about sailing, a sports enthusiast, or simply a nature lover, this place can satisfy the needs and desires of every visitor. Its welcoming atmosphere and endless recreational opportunities make it a perfect destination for a memorable vacation, where you’ll have the chance to discover the beauty and richness of Italy’s culture and nature. No matter what your interests are, Aprilia Marittima invites you to discover its extraordinary wonders.

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